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Suure-Jaani Music Festival
June 17 - 23, 2014


The Festival was founded in 1998 in Suure-Jaani, the hometown of the composers' dynasty Kapp (Artur, Eugen and Villem).This event emphasises the value of Estonian music heritage and  makes an annual obeisance to the Kapps and to composer Mart Saar,  whose roots are also at close quarters. The Music Days are organised by Eesti Kontsert, Suure-Jaani and the International Artur Kapp Society, the Artistic Director is organist Andres Uibo.                                               

The beautiful untouched nature of Southern Estonia embraces all the concert venues – the Suure-Jaani Church with its fantastic acoustics, the Estonain Orthodox Church, the Kapps' Museum, the song festival stage, the picturesque Lake of Suure-Jaani and definitely café "At Artur’s" and the famous "Artur’s open-air stage". Concerts are held in the morning, at noon, in the evening and at night. The Festival has held „mire concerts“, with exciting soloists and actors, at the most popular Hüpassaare mireland, situated close to Mart Saar's home, on the shortest night of the 23rd of June at 3 in the morning at sunrise. Suure-Jaani is hoping to see all of you there to greet the summer.

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